This post is brought to you by…

This post is brought to you courtesy of my reply to Aging Gracefully My Ass.
I’ve been known to go months without Facebook, even ignoring email notifications, and I Gottta say it is kind of freeing to not spend every free moment on such a time vacuum.

A lot of my non-working life revolves around electronics and email. It had sucked me in, nurtured me, for quite a few years but now I have rediscovered some old loves and am slowly weaning myself off, only going on the computer to check my email a few times instead of constantly and to do editing work for those I’ve promised to help. I am starting to read more again and getting back into my crafting; Loves I have had for many years but forsook for the new and shiny of the Internet. Internet will always be a part of our lives now that it’s here but we can control how it affects our lives; we should control it, not the other way around.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I like about the Internet from how easy and inexpensive it is to stay in touch with far away family to “meeting” people with the same interests to researching said interests.

BUT it is far too easy to let that little, or big, screen suck you in and not let you go until bodily functions force it to; sometimes not even then.

I am not some WOW geek who would rather pee in a bottle and drink Jolt cola to stay awake than go to a safe place within the game, or even sign out of the game, to get up and move around, interact with real humans in face to face mode and deal with things like a bathroom or sleep. 

I am, however, one of those who will eat in front of the computer, will have my drinks lined up beside me and will get grouchy if the power goes out so I can’t go online.

I am one if those who will have the gadgets around me *looks around at the cell phone and ebook on the couch beside me, the laptop on the ottoman in front of me and the iPad in my hands*. I do not have to have the newest and shiniest but I do have them and I am declaring war!

I will still use them but moderate their use more forcefully, limit my time on them somewhat and interact with real life more in an effort to spend time with those people in my life whom I can meet face to face.

After all a real life physical hug is so much more satisfying than a cyber hug!

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