Weekend Coffee Share 3-12-17

Wow! It’s been FIVE months since I did a coffee share! I am Soooooooooo sorry! I hate winter! ‘Nuff said.

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If We Were Having Coffee I would pull out the coffee, tea, kettle, coffee maker, cream(er), sugar, mugs and spoons and tell you we’re all family here, so help yourself

If We Were Having Coffee I would apologize profusely for leaving you hanging for so long. Late fall to late winter is a hard time for me mentally, so I put my energy into the things which must be done like crawling out of bed and going in to work each day, interacting with family and friends, and trying to keep my own positive outlook in life.

If We Were Having Coffee I would ask if you’ve had as crazy a winter (or summer if you’re south of the equator) as we have. Mother Nature’s going through menopause, so she can’t make up her mind whether it’s winter, spring or fall temperature wise. And her emotions are all over the place with the rain, the snow and ice, the sunshine and the wind *sigh*.

If We Were Having Coffee I would tell you that our roomie, and my BFF, got us shelving for Christmas and has been helping us put it up so we can gain more floor space and stop tripping over stuff. We’re not done yet, but we are getting there, and things are definitely looking better.

I would also point you to this post from earlier this week. I’m going to be part of a Blog Hop which is going to spot light all the positivity this world has to offer, instead of all the negativity we see day in and day out in the newpapers and online media.

I would also ask: Why is it that negativity is a word, yet positivity isn’t? That’s just WRONG!

Until next time…

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