Welcome to This ‘n That.

The picture is the Yggdrasil Tree.

While this site doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Norse Mythology or the nine worlds it is still appropriate, I think. Besides, this one of the few images of Yggdrasil I actually like.

This ‘n That is not a niche site, it’s not dedicated to one or two things. Instead it’s dedicated to what I find interesting on the web. Anything from science to geekdom to interesting conversations and images.

I hope you enjoy perusing This ‘n That as much as I enjoy what I’m sharing.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I just finished reading a novel that involved Norse mythology and the tree of the nine world’s. I was having trouble picturing it, now I’m not! Thanks. 😊 It’s really quite beautiful.


    1. Thank you, it is. Unfortunately I can’t take the credit. It was designed for a competition by someone else a couple of years ago. I am waiting to hear back from her so I can continue using it and give her the credit.

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