I Am Woman

Hey Ho!

Some of you know me from the SVM & TB fandom, some of you found me through Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook 🙂 but it doesn’t matter how you found me.

What matters is that you’re here :).

I’m a mom of twin boys who I’m extremely proud of.

I’ve been a wife twice and a girlfriend more times than I care to admit to.

I’m chief bottle washer but my boyfriend is chief cook :).

I’m the one the kids call when they have a problem; their dad’s house is where they call home.

I’m a woman of many talents but master of none.

I’m snarky and a smart ass but can be serious when the situation calls for it.

I can be tough as nails but soft and gentle.

In short: I am Woman.


5 thoughts on “I Am Woman

    1. Quite appropriate, the timing. Sunday was International Women’s Day and that song was taped live in 1975, International Women’s year :D. The same year I moved to Canada.



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