Slum Ballet, Kenya

Imagine a child who lives without hope of ever getting out of the slums. Their parents grew up there, they are growing up there, and the only thing they can see in their future is the circle continuing with them having children, living and dying in the same circumstances. Now, imagine one person bringing in … More Slum Ballet, Kenya

Blessing Boxes

Welcome to my first post of the We Are The World Blog Hop! I found this post on Monday, it took me most of the month to find something which grabbed my interest and said “Pass this on”. So, enjoy this short, totally safe for work article about Blessing Boxes.

Not Coffee

If you follow my main blog you will get this double. Sorry. This is going to get shared all over the place! I couldn’t agree with Part time Monster more. The world as we know it has stolen women’s voices from them. We aren’t given pertinent information which we, as women NEED in order to … More Not Coffee

Blaming and Shaming

This prompted today’s post. In the wake of the toddler who was carried off by an alligator a mother posted about what she saw in the aftermath. Phrases like “where were the parents?!” and “that won’t happen to MY child!” and a plethora of other negative and derogatory words and phrases were used The author made … More Blaming and Shaming