Slum Ballet, Kenya

Imagine a child who lives without hope of ever getting out of the slums. Their parents grew up there, they are growing up there, and the only thing they can see in their future is the circle continuing with them having children, living and dying in the same circumstances.

Now, imagine one person bringing in a universal language, the language of dance, and teaching that child to speak and encourage them to learn and grow and give them hope that the cycle will not continue, there is a more pleasurable life waiting for them.

Now see the photos, and read the write ups for them, watch the youtube video and smile as the children learn and grow as all children should have a chance to do.

5 thoughts on “Slum Ballet, Kenya

  1. No matter the circumstance, there is always hope. Dance and music certainly has a universal language and it’s great to see that it lives and breathes in the slums of Kenya. Thanks for this wonderful story!



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