Wednesday Coffee Share

Fish Of Gold started this, at least for me. I’ll try to continue it but since we all know how my contributing to this blog doesn’t happen as often as it should…

Let’s pretend we’re meeting up for coffee somewhere.

I know! My favorite place to sit and share a cuppa.  Cafe Pyrus. They’re local, organic, veg*n and they have large bottomless cups of coffee and loose leaf tea which are really good!

You would probably find me sitting on one of the couches or one of the chairs by the window, reading while I waited for you to arrive.

Once you got your beverage of choice I’d most likely tell you about my recent foray into beading and show you some pictures IMG_20151219_094727 of some of the stuff I’ve done in the last couple of months.

I’d also brag that my mini orchid mini orchid budding is budding after nearly two years of sitting on the shelf in front of the window.

I’d tell you how we’ve been worried about my boyfriend’s stress levels and depression and how he’s now got a different job. Hopefully he’ll do really well.

I might tell you about my fanfiction addiction or discuss my current read and I would most likely complain about the weather. After all, what’s a conversation without the unavoidable small talk?

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