Wednesday Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee I would lament that we are getting low on groceries so pickings are mighty slim right now. I would tell you that my son forgot that he was supposed to take me to the store yesterday. I don’t mind taking the bus for every day stuff but I refuse to do a large grocery trip on the bus!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that last Tuesday started off with a bang! To start it off I got on the wrong bus to go to work. It didn’t help that I had been reading on the bus so didn’t bother to put my glasses back on when I got off since I didn’t want to have to take them back off again when I got on the next bus. I got lucky and it detoured down the street I work on so the driver let me off in front of work. So far so good. Well, that’s where my luck changed. I was taking my usual route from the street to the entrance when I stepped on a patch of black ice and down I went.

Skinned knee and elbow and a small spot on my finger. *sigh* Needless to say the first place I headed when I got in the door, after swiping in, was to the office to report it. That took a chunk of my morning since it was first thing and, since it wasn’t a ‘go to the hospital’ injury other things came first plus we had to wait for another health and safety rep (I am one but it’s kind of a no-no to sign off on your own injury) to come and investigate.

By the time he got there I had been working for an hour or so and the ice had been salted and was melted. Needless to say I avoided that patch the next morning.

If we were having coffee I would point out the window to the sunshine! It’s about bloody time! The last week has been a combination of things but sunny has not been one of them. Mother Nature needs to take a Midol and get back to spring weather!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m actually liking my iPhone. I didn’t think I would since I’ve been an Android gal from the get-go but I was getting really tired of the batteries not lasting at least the life of my contract. You see, when you swipe an app off the screen of an Android device it is still running in the background even though you are no longer using it so it takes battery life and memory resources, sucking both dry rather quickly. I would have to constantly go into settings and turn off everything but the basic essentials in order to get a decent battery life. Apparently on Apple products, when you swipe the app off the screen it turns off. I’ve found this to be true so far since I’m getting two days from the battery. Plus I’m actually letting the battery run down until it tells me it’s low, rather than giving it a quick charge each morning. The part of me which can’t stand to not have my phone charged to the hilt all the time is trying to get me to charge it every day but my common sense it holding it off so far.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I made some of the most yummy vegan cheese cakes. The walnut/date base tastes BETTER than graham crumbs! In fact, have a couple. I need to make more for the get together Friday night any way and those will be pumpkin.

Now, since we’re having coffee, how has your week been?


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