Weekly Happy Post

I am going to start combining my Happy Posts with Trents World Blog’s Weekly Smile. You can check out #WeeklySmile on Twitter if you want to see more of them or go to where the linked picture takes you.

Click the smile to go to more awesome smiles!
Click the smile to go to more awesome smiles!

Well, it seems my phone and Google Photos don’t want to co-operate with each other this morning :(.

I have plenty of pictures to show you, unfortunately…

So…One of our malls is having a food bank drive called Canstruction. It’s things like turkeys or ball stadiums which are constructed of non-perishable food items. Each Canstruction has a sign describing it with a slot so we can vote on our favorites by donating a bit of money in that Canstructions sign. The money donated (plus I think all the food used in the canstruction constructions) is donated to the local food bank. An awesome idea and one which they have done for several years now. Some of the ones I saw were truly inspiring, like the turkey which is the picture in the link. I also saw several others, including a Canstruction of the Skydome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, who are a big contributor.

I’ve been colouring. This week, and last, it was underwater scenes and they turned out great!

I’m also starting a Kumihomo request for a friend. It won’t take long, only a few hours, but it is something I enjoy doing.

My brother, my sanity saver! The car broke down. Since it needs $2000 worth of work I either need to save up the money, and the car really isn’t worth that much in monetary value, just the emotional value since it was my Mom’s car, or I need to get another one. My brother came out at the asscrack of dawn to take me to work after only 1.5 hours of sleep and then came back to bring me home!

Cake! ‘Nuff said!

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