Wednesday Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee I would apologize for missing last week. I was feeling uninspired and just meh so it didn’t get done.

If we were having coffee we might be sitting on the balcony since it’s a beautiful sunny day. I would offer the choice though since it is still a bit chilly.

If we were having coffee I would show you my new lock screen
lock screen

and my new home screen colouring fishies

If we were having coffee I would tell you about my adventures in organizing our bathroom. It’s not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately, and it took a couple of weeks since I had to wait until payday so I could get some bins but it’s done now and I can find everything I need to find and it looks awesome!

If we were having coffee you would be able to tell how ecstatic I am that I was finally able to take the plastic off the bedroom windows! I haven’t been sleeping as well as I normally do because it’s been too warm for me in there. That was solved, at least until the heat and humidity of summer hits, yesterday and last night’s sleep was more restful than it’s been in a month!

If we were having coffee I hope we could discuss Shadowhunters and my quandary. I’ve come across lots of information over the last month or so that leads me to believe that the author of the books which the Netflix show is based on are plagiarized from several different sources *sigh* :(. I really enjoy the show but am waffling between watching it for the enjoyment and not watching it because of the morality involved.

If we were having coffee I would wrap things up about now since it’s about time to sit back and relax with a good book or fanfiction and just let my brain start shutting down for sleep.

Have a good week.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Coffee Share

  1. A couple of weeks ago it was very warm so I took the plastic off of our bedroom’s window. I’ve aired it out a few times since, but it is cold again so I’m glad I left most of the windows in plastic.


    1. Unfortunately I’m my own tropical heat wave so having the plastic on there made me extremely uncomfortable at night :(. Friday night was the first time I’ve needed anything other than the think flannel sheet I’ve been covering up with.
      The only reason I put it up was because the b/f was complaining about the bedroom being too cold *sigh* Apparently only one of us can be comfortable at a time.
      It won’t be long until the bedroom and the rest of the apartment will be too hot any way 😦 so I might as well enjoy it while I can.


  2. The dream is alive and well! Unfortunately current finances are saying ‘don’t you dare!’ Our roomie bought an over the toilet free standing shelving unit which forced me to clean the cupboard under the sink and the medicine cabinet! The counter top is now empty of all but the soap pump and b/f’s nasal spray! So nice!
    It had to be free standing because we have those stupid ‘floating’ tiles in the ceiling! You know, the ones on on metal rails. *sigh*
    One day.


  3. Oh man. We have a very small bathroom, and I’m constantly trying to re-organize it. Honestly, it’s the worst room in our house because the landlord clearly didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about and planning it out when they converted our home into a duplex. There’s not one electrical plug or vent in the room, and it’s super-small. UGH!


    1. I can empathize, sort of. Ours is really small too, barely room for two people if one isn’t in the tub!
      We do have two outlets (one is part of the light fixture) although our vent has loose bearings so we can’t use it but they refuse to replace it because it still works *sigh*. We refuse to use it so it probably won’t get replaced until we die from mold!
      I did manage to get it organized a couple of weeks ago though! :D. Good luck.

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      1. Ah yes, it sounds as though you do indeed know what I mean about the bathroom. Also, forgot to mention—the mirror in ours is hung so high on the wall that I have to have a stool to see in! lol

        I’m definitely looking forward to having a spot of my very own someday that I can fix if it bothers me. But that’s a few years ahead, at least.



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