Weekly Happy Post

Ahhhhhhhhh *breathes in fresh air*!

I was FINALLY able to take the plastic off the bedroom window yesterday and open the windows! The difference fresh COOL air makes in my sleeping patterns! I slept better last night than I have in a month. YAY!

Then geese are flying overhead, the Robins are chirping and spring is here! *does happy dance in her seat*

I downloaded a new to me app for my phone yesterday. Grid Diary. If you’ve looked at the link you know it’s from Apple so only for their products. Yes, I finally splurged slightly, at 1/5 the cost as normal for the iPhone 6 plus in store credit so I could get things like a car charger, cover and screen protector at no cost to me. I am hoping that Grid Diary will help me be able to write these posts a little more easily. I’ve been struggling with not repeating things with my weekly posts. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been colouring and it’s the home screen on my phone! colouring fishies

Yes, that’s a Pac-man TV tray! lol I’m dating myself when I tell you that I got that when I was a teen!

That’s about it for now, since I want to save something for my coffeeshare 😀



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