The Friend Zone

My pseudo sister-in-law posted this on Facebook the other day. Despite some of the language, it is a very good read. It is short, to the point and every young, and not so young, adult should read it because the message is a very, very good one. It’s written in a way which all of us can understand, using common language.

I can’t say I follow the news, since I don’t, but really? Men killing women, or exerting other extremely inappropriate behavior simply because she says no? Who is teaching our young people that violence is the answer?

Is it the parents who are working two and sometimes three jobs just to make ends meet?

Is the teachers at school?

Is it the movies which, at one time, would have been rated R because they did contain violence?

Is it the video games which look far too life like now instead of the pixelated games of yester-year?

I don’t think it’s the parents or the teachers. After all, the parents aren’t home if they’re working so much and, to the best of my knowledge teachers ARE monitored so even if they have those beliefs that shouldn’t be expounding on them in a school setting.

I’m blaming movies, video games, and undiagnosed mental illness. Some of the movies my children watched as young teens would have never made it past my parents’ moderation of what I was watching. They would never have bought the video games, believing we should have been reading or outside running around with friends instead of numbing our minds with such things.

I will only say that depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses can do strange and not so nice things to our psyche.


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