Wednesday Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee…I would suggest to do it over Skype or text message this week since I’m fighting whatever bug is going around and have been sneezing and blowing since Thursday, after freezing to death Wednesday night!

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I wish Mother Nature would do something about her mood swings! I don’t like winter, snow, ice, freezing rain, etc. I deal with it because I don’t have the money to move somewhere where it isn’t as much of an issue and my adult children live here; I’m not ready to fly the coop yet. On the flip side of that wonderful coin is the fact that we NEED it to get cold for an extended period to kill off the germs that are currently making everybody sick.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that our roommate is sick too, which is how I probably got sick *sigh*.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I am still not fond of our morning commute! I relish my quiet time and I definitely miss the girl time.

I would then gush that we did get some girl time in this week! We went to the mall and just hung out for a couple of hours! It was fun and relaxing and just…well, it was fun! Looking at clothes and jewellery and making fun of some of the styles and color combinations. I saw some jewellery that I can MAKE! I got the stuff to make it today so I can do it during the week, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours *crosses fingers*.

How was your week? I hope you are healthy and having a good time :).

Until next week…

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Coffee Share

  1. Sorry about your cold. There are many ways viruses are passed aroud. Using a disdwasher is one way to stopped colds. Another is to take vitamin C with your meals daily.Nice thay you can made jewelry.


    1. Thank you :). I’m one of the lucky ones, I can sweat out most stuff within 24 hours IF I can get myself to sweat, which usually isn’t a problem. I’m fine now except for a slight cough and a runny nose, but that’s normal for me.
      I just started with the beading and stuff last year so I’m still learning, but I am getting better. 🙂

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