It takes a lot to get me hot under the collar. A. Lot.

The other night, a post on Facebook could have gotten me to that point. IF people had bothered to respond to my comment, the only one on the post!

I’m not going to link it, but I will describe it.

Husband Shaming! True, it was probably a hoax since you couldn’t see most of their (15 men) faces and one even had a horse’s head photo shopped in. But still…

I have seen controversy over slut/women shaming.

I have seen controversy over animal shaming.

Yet not one single, solitary word was said either in defense of or against husband shaming!

Now, I am 100% female. I was even born this way but I find it absolutely wrong to shame husbands just like I find it abhorrent to shame anybody! I don’t care if you’re male, female, legal age of consent, animal, vegetable or mineral!

I was raised to be proud of who I am, and I am proud of myself. I have accomplishments which are strictly my own. I have self-worth and confidence in myself. I was also raised to respect others until they give me a reason not to. How in the world is shaming somebody respecting them? So what if the man pees with the seat down? At least he used the toilet!

So what if a woman has more than one sexual partner? That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person any more than peeing with the seat down (or ‘forgetting’ to put the seat down) makes a man a bad person

I just sit here some days shaking my head at the stupidity of the human population. If you’re going to have a cause, make it one that has the chance to actually change something that NEEDS to be changed! Global warming, presidential races (although I understand even less about politics than I do about shaming people).

We wouldn’t be where we are today if our ancestors hadn’t done something to change their corner of the world. Women in industrialized nations wouldn’t have the right to vote. Slavery would still be ongoing in the southern states. There would still be segregation in schools and public venues like buses, restaurants, and bathrooms.

There is a very long list of worthy causes. Please, people! Stop being stupid and actually do something which is worthy! Be proud of yourself and your loved ones. Stop making people feel bad about themselves and help them find something they can be proud of instead of ashamed!

That is all.



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