Wednesday Coffee Share

I’ve got my favorite brew, minus my favorite creamer :(, right here in front of me! And here’s yours however you like it.

This last week hasn’t been particularly busy, just things changing and I’m having to get used to them.

Ya see, my boyfriend got a new job near where I work. Since we have one vehicle, guess who gets to drive him? Now guess who got volunteered to drive the guy who got him the job as well?

Yup, me. *grump*

Now guess who lost her quiet time AND girl time with the lady she also drives to work. *sigh*

Now for a funny story.

My boyfriend…yeah, that’s right, the one I now drive to work every morning PLUS on holidays he has to work and I don’t. YAY ME! NOT!!!!!

Anyway…he’s not stupid by any stretch of the imagination but boy does he sometimes do stupid stuff! *sigh* He was too lazy to change from his winter boots to his shoes on Wednesday and Thursday.

Unlike Nancy Sinatra’s boots being made for walking, his boots weren’t!

He tried to get out of bed Friday morning. He texted me from the bedroom to come and help him get to the bathroom! *snort* His feet hurt so badly that he couldn’t put any weight on them! lmao

Now normally I don’t laugh about someone’s feet hurting unless it’s because of their own stupidity! Or laziness.

He did eventually make it in to work and this time, he wore his winterized safety boots, not that he needs steel toes but he knows he can walk in them without any painful side effects.

Well, that’s it for me this week. I’ve got things to do which are on a timeline in my own mind! Hope you enjoyed our time together this week, I certianly did.

Until next week!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Coffee Share

  1. As someone who has worn stupid shoes in my youth, your boyfriend has my sympathies. Well, he would if I didn’t have kids who drive me mad wearing inappropriate footwear. That’s as in wearing his joggers into the water to go sailing instead of his wet shoes. Perhaps, he should meet up with your boyfriend. They can drive each other mad but they could reinforce each other’s bad habits. Not a good idea! By the way, my daughter is no better and has been takign her shoes and socks off on the train so I pick up a bare footed school girl. We live in Sydney so it’s Summer here but still…!!!! xx Rowena


      1. I loved you’re comment and it really made me laugh. Can’t imagine Birkenstocks and socks in a Canadian Winter. My husband works at a university and is a pretty pragmatic type. In Winter, he tells me about the girls wearing next to nothing. Madness…and that’s in Sydney. Not Canada! xx Rowena


        1. Canucks are weird. Simple.
          Although, if they were wearing Birkies today I think they needed water winds! We had ice pellets, freezing rain, rain…I think we had everything but the sun!
          Oh, the girls wear next to nothing here too, you just canèttell under the layers of coats and sweater.


          1. Your weather sounds terrible! We had scorching heat yesterday. It was so hot that I felt like sending the sun up North but fortunately we had a cool day today. I was actually able to take the dogs for a walk along the beach without being fried.


            1. And today it’s supposed to start at -20 although my phone says it is currently -10.
              Our turn is coming for the scorchers though. Maybe not as bad as you.
              This winter the weather has been weirder than I can ever remember *sigh*. I certainly can’t remember a warmer February!

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              1. I’ve been reading that a lot on various blogs. I know we all hope global warming isn’t already upon us but it’s not looking good.
                I must say though that it’s cold where you are when -10 is “warm”.


                    1. My bird is an indoor bird :D.
                      Seriously though, we do have dogs which are bred for cold weather conditions (Husky, Samoid, etc.) and for those that aren’t you would be amazed at what people do to keep their dogs and other animals which must go outside, warm! They have doggy booties (to help keep mud to a minimum and paw pads from sticking to ice), rain coats, winter coats, sweaters, etc.
                      Personally, I don’t like the cold weather either so I’m not going to have a pet which has to be taken outside during this crap! lol

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                    2. My dogs just thanked me for living in Australia. I take them for runs along the beach but our concern has been excessive sun and heat…quite the opposite. Here in Summer, it’s quite common for dogs to get clipped. We have had Bilbo done a couple of times and he really perks up. I felt really bad about taking off his coat and I love the long fur etc being a Border Collie but he did appreciate it. I’d feel terrible taking off Lady’s coat. She’s such a pretty dog and it would be like shaving of my daughter’s hair. Functional but cruel. My husband is far more pragmatic about these things.


                    3. We see the shaved dogs once spring hits as well. Spring because then the coat will have grown in sufficiently come September or October when it starts cooling off.
                      Of course, there are the ones who don’t have a coat to speak of (yappy little f*ckers if you ask me). Chihuahuas and the like. They’re the ones that get the shoes an coats, etc. for the most part but I have seen the larger breeds with them as well.
                      I would love to be in Aussie this time of year, hot and humid or not. I was born in the Southern states so not born to this crap, lol. I’ve been here 40 years and still hate the weather!

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  2. Alas—sore feet are unfortunate, because they make everything else unpleasant. And so does getting up early, especially when you don’t have to! Good luck with adjusting to the new schedule and working out the carpooling!



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