Weekly Happy Post

There wasn’t a lot that happened during the week but it WAS a good week despite my having to get used to a couple of new riders in the mornings. And they like to TALK! I don’t, not at 6:00 am!

I LOVE YouTube! It’s SO easy to look up a song, lol.

Let’s see:

  1.  My boyfriend started a new job on Wednesday! WOOT! He feels much better now, which means I’m happier as well.
  2. The mini orchid is still budding, no blooms yet, but we’re getting there! I promise, pix when it happens!
  3. Sunshine most of the week! Despite the cold temperatures 😦
  4. Wally, my budgie, is chirping away in his corner to the music playing on YouTube. That’s always a cause for a smile unless he’s screeching instead.

I’m sure there are other things but that’s all I can think of at the moment. Enjoy your week!

I lied! One more! This just came across my facebook feed! Too cold for an Ice Festival!?


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