Wednesday Coffee Share

Mmmm, coffee!

I’ve got my favorite Folger’s in front of me. Unfortunately my favorite creamer is not in evidence so 35% cream, so we can finish it instead of letting it go bad, and sugar it is.

My breakfast is finished and my Betty Crocker Pumpkin Squares are nummy. Want one? Heated? With butter? Okay, here ya go.



Nom, right down to the very last crumb.

I would tell you that I finally started reading some Edgar Allen Poe! Terrifying Tales it is called. I can’t say much about it just yet since I haven’t had much time to read the last couple of days.

I would grumble about roomies overstaying their welcome but then feel guilty for it since I know she doesn’t have much choice. But I want my space back dammit!!!!!

I would most definitely ramble about the awesome weather we’ve had! Way above seasonal temperatures and looking to stay that way for a while! YAY!

Another square?

I would also be mentally slapping my boyfriend upside the head and rolling my eyes at his witty or sarcastic remarks as he wanders aimless by the doorway or insinuates himself into the conversation, which would earn a real time slap.


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