Wednesday Coffee Shareweeke

Thank you FOG for the reminder to do the coffeeshare.

I would wait for you to get your beverage over at Café Pyrus, add cream and sugar if you’re so inclined and join me on the couch where I’m curled up with a good book and clutching a hot cup of coffee so my perpetually winter cold hands can have a semblance of warmth for a little bit. I wonder…can I bathe my feet in a cup as well?

I would look up and smile as I moved my toastily covered feet from the couch to the unfortunately cold floor.

I would most likely start off by asking how you’re week went then wait, impatiently, while you told me.

I would then tell you about the gray, overcast week we’ve had, bringing plenty of snow which quite fortunately stopped on Wednesday so, even though we are on the Eastern Seaboard we are NOT a part of Snowpocalypse 2016. I might even offer up a prayer of thanks for that fact.

I would tell you that my mini orchid has a second blooming stalk! Woot! But, it spilled over when I was inspecting it yesterday ‘(. I’m hoping that the impromptu transplant didn’t harm it any since the dirt went everywhere, including inside the coffee carafe. I was so not impressed with myself!

I would tell you about my adventures in beading and how I have more unfinished or unfinishable projects than I do actual finished and usable ones. I might even show you the picture of the one I finished last night.

Beaded bead
Beaded bead

I might even explain how I did it if you were interested enough. I would explain that it’s really just a small Styrofoam ball which I covered with beads, lol, and I would tell you that I’m now planning on making a snowman using the same technique for next month’s project.

By now I will have had to get up and get a refill since I was there early but since the atmosphere is usually super laid back we would sit there in companionable silence for a little while before we finally got up to leave, give each other one of those Southern hugs I love so much as we parted ways.

Until next week my friends.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Coffee Shareweeke

  1. Threrre was fog here this morning but has now lifted and forcast is dry conditions. I hopy you err new oom was n o t damage in the upheaval ysterday. I feel my African violets probably need to be transplant with new snoth. My spider still has no spiders.



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