Weekly Happy Post

Grrrrrrrrrr, thank goodness I got my act together not so long ago! I saved to my favorites the posts page so I could use the classic editor when WP finally forced the new editor issue *sigh*. If you are one of those who were forced without having the foresight to save it to favorites you can add /wp-admin/post to the end of your address and it SHOULD take you to your posts page so you can click on new post. If not just add -post-new.php after /post above.

Soooo, what made me happy this week?

  1. The boyfriend got a new job. We’re not sure whether it will work out or not since telemarketing is most definitely NOT his forté but nothing ventured, noting gained. Right?
  2. mini orchid budding My mini orchid, which I’ve had for 2 years next month, is budding! I was watering it the other day and saw the stem. WOOT!
  3. Being able to come home straight from work. Yeah, I know, not that big of a deal to most of you but how many of you have to hang out for an hour minimum before the person you give a ride to gets off work? By the time I get home after pissing around for an hour I don’t feel like doing diddly!
  4. IMG_20151219_001413 IMG_20151219_094727Stuff I’ve made over the last month.
  5. My first cup of coffee!

See you next week folks!


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