Weekly Happy Post

As always, thanks go out to It Started In Oxford for the original idea behind my Weekly Happy Posts.

Last Monday was my birthday! My boyfriend and best friend paid for a night in a motel in a small town near where I live!

Elora is where we went!

It was nice to just cuddle on the bed and watch movies, talk, tickle…just relax without all the distractions of every day life!

I wanted to go for a walk through the quarry and gorge, unfortunately it was cold and wet and rainy…a perfect weekend for cuddling. Unfortunately there was no fireplace.

can you pick that up for me_

This is the sculpture in the middle of town. I didn’t get close enough *sigh*. My boyfriend dubbed it ‘Dude, can you pick that up for me!?’

clocks distance clocks

The left picture is a distance pic to show that the clocks look sky blue and you can’t see the face of them until you are right up on them, as in the right picture.

worst coffee

This was a little hole in the wall café. It was small but nice inside but their coffee left a lot to be desired! Like flavor *sigh*. As I mentioned, it was cold and rainy so we wanted a hot cup of coffee while we wandered downtown. Needless to say what we got was a cup of flavored water and the flavor came from the cream and sugar, not the coffee itself :(.

that first step's a doozy

A doorway down by the water. What’s so unique? That first step’s a doozy! The step up is about 8 inches, or more. I didn’t stop to measure it, lol.

tipsy glass

This tipsy glass was seen in a novelty shop. I’m sure they’ve been around for quite some time but I still thought is was worth a giggle and a photo.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the place we stopped for lunch right in downtown Elora, The Desert Rose Café.


My Review of Desert Rose.


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