Weekly Happy Post

It’s been a weird week weather wise; with snow, sun, rain, warm, hot, cold. It IS fall here though so I was enjoying the very vibrant colours of the trees. At least I was until they fell off the trees and started covering the ground.

  1.  This made me smile. It’s a short list of some of the mispronounced words kids have made. My brother used to say powshoes for houseshoes and pasghettie for spaghetti. I know my own kids made these types of mistakes, but I’m at a loss right now to think of any :(.
  2. I’ve generally been in an upbeat mood this week which is always a good thing.
  3. Sitting at my dining room table with cigarette and coffee and my computer and being able to look out at the foggy sky and my plants.  IMG_20151206_084226 Left to right are two Aloe plants, a Spider plant, two more Aloes, a Mini Orchid, and Anthurium (roomies plant) and in the foreground is a fern.
  4. Watching water droplets form as the frost melts in the morning.
  5. Writing these posts. I actually stop and think about my week and what actually captured my attention.


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