Weekly Happy Post

  1.  Christmas Wish List 2015     Christmas Wish List 2015-2 These two books just made it onto my Christmas Wish List :D.
  2. Honey Glazed Ham Last night’s supper! Click the pic to go to the recipe. Honey glazed ham. It was truly, truly yummy! Yummy enough to eat by itself, piece by piece instead of serving a veg, etc. with it!
  3. IMG_20151122_060755I hate winter! But I love to watch as the snow falls and see the pretty picture it makes afterwards.
  4. chicken jabbaI found this on my FB feed yesterday. Awesome :D. I have named it Chicken Jabba :D.
  5. This. Apparently, and I REALLY hope this is true, there is to be another Riddick movie AND a television spin-off! Yay!


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