Weekly Happy Post

Today, more than ever we all need this post.

I don’t watch the nightly news since it doesn’t give me what I need, instead it gives me news like what happened in France on 11-13-15.

So, to make up for that I give you this week’s happy post. Starting with:

  1.  Story Vending Machine I came across this on my FB feed yesterday and was bouncing in my seat from excitement! This is something I would love to see worldwide; especially at historic sites, museums and similar places. Then there are places like in the subway and the food court at the mall. I can see plenty of uses for something like this; hopefully others can as well.
  2. We were supposed to be going to ROM yesterday for my boyfriend’s birthday. They are having a Pompeii exhibit! I have always been fascinated by Pompeii and the events surrounding that time in history. We ended up not going due to the weather and the need for new tires for the car. 😦
  3. My new haircut. I went from this Me and my boyfriend to this new haircut. Much more comfortable now!
  4. Someone else going to get the morning coffee! It always makes my day when someone else goes to get the coffee, lol, and that happened as I was writing this.
  5. My new icon for WordPress! xoxo I’ve had it for a few weeks now. I usually get tired of whatever icon I use after a few weeks. Not this one, at least not so far.
  6. Sushi for supper! One of my favorite meals :). I wasn’t overly impressed with the restaurant but that’s a topic for another post.



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