Weekly Happy Post

It’s been a really weird week! Thanks to It Started In Oxford, you rock!

  1. Temperatures in the low to mid 70’s F for most of the week! This is at least 20-30 degrees HIGHER than what we usually have this time of year! I think we hit an all-time record with three days in a row where the temps were in the mid 70’s for the beginning of November!
  2. My muse is slowly but surely returning! Welcome home baby, I’ve missed you!
  3. Helping others. Contrary to popular belief the reason to help others with something is not so you can gain recognition. Nope, it’s for that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do help them.
  4. Actually having something to do at work! I spent more time this past week passing time by pacing than I did actually working. Things are starting to slow down (normal for this time of year) and the machine(s) I was supposed to be running decided to break down. Again. There wasn’t anything else for me to do without taking another union job from somebody else *sigh*. I’m not opposed to changing garbage, sweeping, etc. when it needs to be done and I am at loose ends. Of course, it helps if I actually know the janitor isn’t going to be there and it also helps if I have access to what I need in order to do those things.
  5. My boyfriend being able to laugh again. It’s been a rough row to hoe the last few years because we didn’t realize he was depressed. Now we know. He’s on meds and getting help which is a great relief to both of us.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!


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