Thanksgiving? Christmas?

No, this isn’t really a rant about the fact it seems retailers skip right over every other holiday, other than Hallowe’en which seems to be just as big, to get right to the one that will bring them the most money.

I stumbled across this thanks to Sarah.

If you think about it for a moment retailers, and people in general, seem to only care about the holidays which will bring them the most money (retailers) or cause them to spend or receive the most (people). Christmas, Hallowe’en and Valentines Day

We skip right over Thanksgiving (American and Canadian) to get right to that all important, most important, holiday. Christmas. But it seems to be important for the wrong reasons. We should be celebrating it because that is the date which was chosen for us to celebrate Jesus’s birth. We should be going to church and praising Him. Instead, we are sitting around a tree opening, and giving, gifts which probably cost more than we had to safely spend. We are gluttonous in our tastes. Our gluttony knows no bounds.

We want the latest electronics, the latest games, the latest this and that.

We eat until we just about burst at the seams. We spend more on food AND gifts for this one holiday than we spend the rest of the year.

We SHOULD stop and give more than the quick prayer of thanks at the dinner table. We should be spending the day with both given and chosen family. Laughing and having fun. The dinner on that day should NOT require that the cooks in the family spend more time in the kitchen (sunrise to probably 4 pm) than they do with their loved ones.

No meal, unless you are a chef working in a restaurant kitchen, should take a week plus most of a day to prepare.

No holiday should take a full year to prepare for.

Yes, we can worship God, Jesus or whatever you call your chosen creator, whenever and wherever you choose to do so BUT shouldn’t there be at least one day in the year when we take a break? Come to a full stop and just give thanks? No gifts to each other, no groaning table just the simplicity of getting together, spending time with each other and with God.

I thought that was what Christmas was about…spending the day worshiping he who gave us life and he who gave his life for ours so that we could be forgiven our sins and find life everlasting in his arms.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe it’s about giving the most expensive gift. Maybe it’s about who can have the biggest spread of food. (Where IS that sarcasm font when you really need it?)

Ya know, I’m sitting here writing this and it just dawned on me…we treat Christ on his day just like we treat the military on their day…we forget them. We don’t stop for even that ONE minute at 11:11 on 11/11 to thank the men and women who served our countries so that we could have the life of freedom we do have. We don’t visit the cenotaphs, we don’t salute, we don’t thank either Christ OR those we served for what they did for us.

Since I am among those who forget to thank my cousins, my uncles, my friends who served in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and all the other wars I am taking this space and this time to shout THANK YOU! Without you I might not be where I am. I might not be who I am.

I am also taking the time to thank God for giving his Son so that I might live. Without you I most assuredly would not be where I am and most certainly would not be who I am so Thank You God, for giving me what I need instead of what I want. Thank You for believing in me. Just…Thank You.


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