Weekly Happy Post




As always, thank you to It Started In Oxford, her posts make me smile.

I may be a week, or is it two, late but I haven’t forgotten. Well….I forgot to schedule the post even though it was already written and in my Drafts folder.

1. These made my weekend! They are pumpkin carvings done by a local artisan (he did not want his picture taken). I went to market with the pseudo MIL and he was just sitting there, whittling (yes, WHITTLING) with a homemade tool on these really cool looking carvings! He did not cut them open, these were cut from the outside so the gooey stuff is still on the inside! He was really interesting to watch. I didn’t have a lot of time to do so though, :(, but I did get to for a couple of minutes.

2. Getting things ready over on Kittyinazsfoodblog for Thanksgiving.

3.  Last night’s Ghosts and Ghoulies. Hopefully pix forthcoming. *sigh* no pix although, if any of you want to you’re more than welcome to.

4. Naps are awesome! Getting up at 3 am isn’t so much. Getting up so early is why I needed a nap though.

5. My writing is very slowly going. The inspiration I get from some of the quotes and ideas people send are quite refreshing.

6. I cannot believe I didn’t tell you this! Best Villain Created


most original story


I wrote a story for The Villain’s Turn Contest and came in second! Second for Best Villain and second for Most Original! Other than the contest where I was the only entry this is the first time I’ve actually placed so I’ve been super stoked :D:D:D:D:D:D.





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