Happy News

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re having a good weekend. At least warmer than ours *sigh*. The wind’s howling at the window and I actually wore a long-sleeved shirt when I went to the store earlier!

Thank you to It Started In Oxford for the original idea.

This week’s Happy News:

  1. Blog Awards! I was nominated for the Starlight Blogger Award earlier this week over on SVM & TB Stories!
  2. Grammarly.com! I have been hearing about how much easier Grammarly makes editing on betas so I finally broke down and checked it out. Naturally, now it’s a new part of my editing tools, lol.
  3. Celtic Thunder. Probably my most favorite musical group.
  4. Zoloft. My boyfriend has been depressed for quite some time. Finally, after much prodding, he went to the doctor’s office. He was put on Zoloft and has sought counselling! Yeah! His temper, which was a major indicator, has become much easier for me to deal with. The man needs to learn to chill.
  5. Gluten Free recipes. I’m not sensitive, or at least I haven’t been diagnosed, but our roomie has IBS and gluten is a huge factor for her. I’m trying out some recipes since we do NOT have a large enough kitchen to house her specialty items and our regular ones *sigh*. Despite the bad rep that gluten-free products have I have produced some very passable results from Pizza Crust to Pancakes to brownies.


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