Weekly Happy Post

Where has the week gone? It seems like it just started and now it’s the end of the weekend :(.

  1. This recipe! Can you get any better than brownies? Chocolatey goodness in a compact package. *sigh*
  2. I finished my course to become a certified Health and Safety Rep. Now I just have to wait six weeks for the test results :(.
  3. The beginning of the fall season. Yes, I know, I love summer but this past summer was just far too much of a good thing! I couldn’t enjoy any time I did spend outside because it was far too muggy for my tastes. The weather for the last little bit has been far more temperate, even if I do need the heater in the car on the way to work in the morning :(. It’s still beautiful weather by lunch time.
  4. It’s a little early but I’m planning what to do for my boyfriend’s birthday and Christmas, lol. I’m not going overboard though since I think Christmas stuff shouldn’t even be in the stores until a maximum of 6 weeks before hand!
  5. Goodreads! They are going to singlehandedly be the reason for my To Be Read list growing exponentially! They now have a scanner on their app which will allow you to scan the ISBN of a new book to get the blurb and add it to your list. You can also scan a bunch of books and add them to the list of the ones you own. *sigh*


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