Weekly Happy Post

Okay, so I’m late, but that’s because there’s been so much good the last few days I’ve been basking in it rather than thinking of what to say! 😀

As always, thank you to It Started In Oxford for the inspiration and reminder :).

  1. Kittyinaz’s Food Group Blog. I’m helping over there now and I love it! I’ve always had fun futzing around on the computer and learning how to work something new and One Note, which she uses to share everything with those who do help her, is definitely new, and a pain in the rear end, to me.
  2. J. R. Ward’s The Beast finally has a release date! April 5! Can’t wait!
  3. Planning and plotting and writing an original fiction piece for The Villain’s Turn contest!
  4. The heat wave seems to have FINALLY broken!
  5. Having my boyfriend home. He’s been super stressed at work so has taken stress leave. He’s much happier now which means I’m much happier.
  6. The FanExpo from last weekend. I’ve been riding the high from all the fun had there.


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