Frantic Pace Of Life – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Edit:  this was originally posted in January.

It’s ironic that I should come across this post today.

I called my brother last night. He wasn’t with his phone so his wife answered. Instead of simply telling him to call me back when he got back into the room she took the phone to him in the bathroom!  

The first words out of my mouth were “oh for the days when the phone was attached to the wall.” I had to repeat myself since that was not what he was expecting to hear. Finally he snorted and said no kidding. Lol

Ya know, Don Charisma has a good point.
I’m old enough to remember some of the same things…being attached to the wall when you wanted to phone a friend, having to call back because they didn’t have an answering machine, going outside to play, static electricity on the plastic slide, water running down a metal slide in order to cool it off, catching the bus before the sun rose in the morning and getting home after it set, being a latch key kid, rotary phones….yeah, we have all these advancements in technology but we seem to be going faster and faster rather than slowing down and enjoying all that technology!

Don Charisma

I’m pretty young in the scale of things, certainly compared with Sequioa redwood trees – some of whom live into the hundreds, and even thousands of years. I can only wonder at the changes these ancients have seen !

Change is good, but how much and how fast ?

How has our pace of life changed ? Well, personally, I don’t remember days of knights and kings. However I do remember when not everyone had a mobile telephone, in fact as far back as the days when telephones were one per household. Computers weren’t even connected to the internet. Social media didn’t exist, Facebook, well let’s just say that was a gleam in some guy’s eye !

What’s a little worrying is the pace at which everything moves. It hasn’t gotten slower, it just seems to get faster and faster.

I’m writing this because I was repeatedly pestered by email…

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