Weekly Happy Post


It Started In Oxford, I hope you’re enjoying your vacay.

  1. This is hilarious! Apparently people in London tried to name the 50 states. The results are not quite what we see on a map of the States :D.
  2. Until yesterday morning that ^^^^^ map was the highlight of my week. Then THIS happened! I was nominated for my first ever blogger award over on SVM/TB Stories! Woot! Yay me!
  3. Friday was my last day of work for an entire week! I’m not going anywhere or doing anything since it wasn’t slated when the sign up period for vacation was put up but still…a week off work *sigh*.
  4. Men, cover your eyes. Menopause! I have finally, finally started going through the process! It has caused moments of mental pause but..*shrug* so worth it not to have to deal with all of that. That’s why we write notes, to remind ourselves of stuff. Then we find that note days, weeks, months later and think ‘that’s where that went!’
  5. Number 4 has made this last week or so much more bearable, lol. Instead of hot flashes I get cold flashes which last for days. With the extreme heat we’ve had I have been much more comfortable at work, lol. Not looking forward to winter though. Yuck!
  6. This safe for work and children post by Be Like Water.
  7. This post by Coffee ‘n Notes.
  8. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast, with a cup of tea to chase it down.
  9. It’s silly but Angry Birds 2 makes me smile, lol.
  10. Writing these posts each week.

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