God and His Removal

Hopefully WP stopped being a pain and let the featured image show.

If not:  It’s a t-shirt which says For People Wanting To Remove God From Everything Good News He Won’t Be In Hell Either.

I laughed at first but then I got to thinking. Yes, I know, dangerous concept.

Generic they may be removing God from public places but they can NEVER remove him from our hearts. They can NEVER remove him from the world at large. They can NEVER take him away from me.

It’s really simple. If you believe.

God created the earth. Yes?

God created man and woman. Yes?

God created all things great and small. Yes?

If the above three things are true then there is absolutely, positively no way they can take God out of everything.

He’s in the air we breathe, the food we eat, he’s in the flowers, the earth itself. God is the universe so how can he be removed from everything?

He can’t be. It’s impossible. God is not a computer, there is no back door or hack which could remove him unless we choose to let it be so.

I’m not the most learned disciple. I don’t think about religion very much but I do believe in an all encompassing being. It doesn’t really matter whether we call him God or The Big Donut King In the Sky as long as we believe in Him He will be there.

He’s the red of the rose, the pink carnation, the whale in the sea, the particles of dust floating in the sunlight He’s provided for us.

There’s a song…Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary

It talks about Puff, as I’m sure you know, and Jackie Paper. It talks about how they were inseparable until one night Jackie came no more. He grew up and no longer believed in dragons. The same can happen to us…we can no longer believe in that Omnipotent being.

When we no longer believe that’s when He is removed from everything. He will still be there for us IF we choose to call on him because He is our parent in the largest sense: It was He who gave us to our earthly parents in the first place.

A parent doesn’t give up on their children. A parent advises then steps back and lets the children make their own choices then comforts the child if that decision didn’t turn out so well or celebrates with us when all turned out well.

In a way a parent is God to their children. They are everything to that child for such a short time then the child starts to grow and learn and question things. The child starts to wonder if the things it can’t see but has heard of is really real. If the parent does their job well enough the child will look for proof…the miracle that is the birth of a child or the blooming of a flower, the buzzing of a bee or the blowing of the wind and discover that just because they can’t see what is being talked about doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

After all, the parent came back into the room didn’t he or she? They picked the child up from day care or a friend’s house. They kept the promise to be there for the child just as God promised to be there for us.

And He is.

God is.

Simple and complex. God simply is.



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