Weekly Happy Post

It Started In Oxford is on vacation but she still gave me the inspiration to get this started in the first place :). When you get home could you please let me know if you have a Twitter handle, and if so what it is? Thanks.

  1. This one came across my Facebook feed this morning. Butt Dial Saves Murfreesboro Teen’s Life Yes, the title is funny which is why I clicked it in the first place. The story itself is not funny though. It’s incidents like that which make you grateful for what you have and absolutely LOVE science and Google/Apple. (Google has the same thing only it’s not as ‘personal’ as Siri is on Apple products.)
  2. The weather this past week. It’s been rainy and cool, exactly what we needed for the crops to come in and to cool off after that scorcher week we had not so long ago. Unfortunately today and tomorrow we have heat warnings in effect. Maybe we’ll have another week just like this last one?
  3. My sons. They’ll call or text when I’m bored or feeling down which gives me the pick-me up I need.
  4. Michael’s Craft Store. Like a man in an auto parts or what’s generally considered a ‘man’s’ store, I can spend uncounted hours in there just goggling and dreaming and spending money.
  5. Klik to get rid of spam?
This is my boyfriend. We were out grocery shopping. Can you guess who thinks he’s the funny man?



My bird, Wally :). He makes me happy when he’s not screeching at the birds outside.




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