Canadian Doctor Averted Disaster

I was flipping through my Flipboard this morning and came across this.

A Canadian born woman, doctor by profession, refused to approve Thalidomide to the US public!

It had already been approved in Europe and the application for approval in Canada was submitted within days of the request for approval in the States. It was approved in Canada shortly after the request was made.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Kelsey; she let me be born healthy.

I was born in the States during the time it was used elsewhere. If she hadn’t been so stubborn and refused to approve it without proof that it was safe for pregnant women and the children they would one day give birth to I might not be here or I might not be as healthy as I am!

By the same token I’m grateful to Merrell-Lynch, the makers of Thalidomide.

When my Mom was going through cancer treatment Thalidomide was one of the drugs she was given to try and combat the Multiple Myeloma that was ravaging her blood.

I don’t know how good a job it did but Thalidomide helped to give her a fighting chance to beat it, which she did. Unfortunately her immune system was so low from chemo and the other treatments that she couldn’t fight off the bugs she got in the hospital and eventually passed on in April, 2009. Her depressed immune system was constantly fighting (I can’t remember the name off hand) her body to rid itself of the bowel infection. She would beat it only to be back in solitary fighting it again, eventually losing the battle.

Any way, Dr. Kelsey deserves all the accolades she’s received for this act alone.


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