Weekly Happy Post

Thanks to It Started In Oxford, you are the inspiration for my own Happy post AND you’re my reminder to actually do it, lol. Thank you too to Kittyinaz for one of the happy parts of my week.

As usual,food/drink is predominant.

1. Waking up each morning.

2. Buying my first tea infuser :D.


3. Maharaja Chai Oolong tea which I bought at Teavana this week.

maharaja chai

4. Mom’s mug infuser she received for a Christmas gift several years ago.

infuser mug

5. Early mornings (5:00 am!) driving my son to work even though I grumble about it.

6. External hard drives. My other laptop is having issues so it needs a factory reset :(, which means I would lose everything without that hard drive.

7. A brother who is willing to build what I need rather than my wasting time trying to find it in the store.
I’ve started bead weaving and am having a hard time finding both a local supply store for more than basics (closest one is 1.5 hours away) and a loom which isn’t going to hurt both my back and neck so he’s going to help me modify what I have at hand.

8. Sunshine and not humid weather.

9. Having a job I generally enjoy doing.

10. Happy posts. They give me something to look forward to each week.

minion love

7 thoughts on “Weekly Happy Post

  1. You are so welcome!! And that tea started my journey into the world of blending. I have a wall of tea, and love it all. I even now have to post recipes for my mom. My favorite though is the Spice of Life, which is a white tea. It needs the rock sugar to bring out the full flavour. If you want to try it, let me know and I will tell you the way to get full flavour. (I even shared it with my local tea baristas! They rave about it now.)


    1. I bought the one tea that day and ordered some more tea (Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong on sale for $3! So I bought 2 since it says it goes well with the Majaraja), an infuser mug and another tin 😀 yesterday so it should be here, hopefully,next week.
      I think I’m going to regret having Teavana so close to work, lol. I have to pick a friend up from her work at 4:00, I get off at 3:00, and she works close to me so I spend an inordinate amount of time at that mall! *snicker*
      I got lucky on Friday though, they had just made a fresh batch of Maharaja for sampling. Num! Bought some right then and there, lol.
      Now if I just had a bigger kitchen for all those cutsie infusers, a tea pot, etc. *sigh*
      I’ll let you know about Spice of Life. It smells phenomenal though. I’m the only one who drinks it so I need to see how quickly I’ll go through a standard amount before I get too carried away.

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      1. Get some tulsi dosha to go with the pumpkin spice. For every two spoonfuls of pumpkin I put one of maharaja and tulsi. The tulsi has Madagascar vanilla in it and adds sweetness to it.



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