How Praise Can Hurt Kids

I saw the title to this post on a list of articles which popped up in my inbox today.

My first thought was what the eff? Praise hurting kids? Say it ain’t so!

I clicked the link and went to PopSugar and read the very short, safe for work article.

The answer was surprising actually.

What I came away with is we are just saying the words, trying to boost our children’s self-esteem, and we may mean them but they are generally the same words spoken over and over again. “Well done!” or “Awesome job!” or “See how smart you are?”

They suggest changing the way we praise our children. Instead of well done we could tell them how proud we are about *insert what they did*.

It actually makes a lot of sense.

Of course, it also made me wonder, once again if our society is releasing idiots onto the streets straight from school.

Do most children take what their parents say with a grain of salt, weigh what they heard with what they can see in body language then make a decision on how to feel from that?

Uhhhh, no! Older children, say 9 or 10 years old and up, maybe but not before that. In my opinion kids will take what praise we give them, feel pride in what they did and that they pleased their parent and run with it :).

What do you think?


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