Weekly Happy Post

It’s that time again: The Happy Post!

1. Actual face to face conversations! I HATE talking on the phone! Yes, you read that right. I’m a female and hate talking on the phone! It could have something to do with background noise versus variable voice levels but I won’t admit to it.

2. Morning coffee.

3. Bedtime tea. (Oxford, I agree with you about Green Tea, but no lemon for me thanks.)

4. Evening walks when the humidity isn’t so high you feel like an egg being fried on the side walk.

5. Foot rubs.

6. Back scratches.

7. Back Massages. This link will take you to a post on SVM/TB which links to a Zits cartoon. Unfortunately it links to the current cartoon instead of the one I intended so, if you’re inclined, go there and type massage into their search engine to see the one I’m talking about.

8. Waking up in the morning.



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