Weekly Happy Post

I have decided to try and do a weekly Happy Post and you can thank It Started In Oxford for the inspiration and weekly reminder to do so :).

It may not always be things which specifically made me happy; it might be an inspiring news story or something I saw on social media.

Why am I doing this?

The regular news is almost always depressing. We receive sensationalized stories, or are informed of something which should not have happened but did any way.

I want to get away from that and give you all a smile to end (or start, depending on how you look at it) your week.

I also want to start getting more involved in this blog again since it has lapsed over the last little while.

The only rules are that it must be happy and it has to go out once a week. I will try to shoot for Sunday since that is the day I’m most free.

Happy Things:

1.  Sunshine and birds singing. This will be a staple more often than not. I love the sun so get as much of it as I safely can year round.

2. Morning rituals. Especially Sunday morning, lol. I take the boyfriend to work, get my coffee and breakfast sandwich then come home and veg.

3. Breakfast with family. This doesn’t happen very often but yesterday’s took much longer than usual and I thoroughly enjoyed it, much to my surprise!

4. Aunty Acid. I LOVE Aunty Acid! She takes life’s little quirks, all the b/s in our lives and makes us laugh.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Happy Post

    1. They’re not silly to me. For me happiness is a must. The news is far too depressing so I have to stop and look for happy things, things which make me think or go hmmmm (picturing Arsenio Hall doing his schtick for this, lol). As long as it’s no depressing, anger inducing or simply just blech! 🙂



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