Doorway Syndrome and Every Day Life

This post on Scientific American is a fact of every day life for most of us.

We’ll get up from the computer or our latest craft project or television show, go into another room to do or get something, and between the time we stand up and move into the other room we’ll have completely forgotten exactly why we are in there in the first place.

Take this morning for instance: I got up from the computer with the intention of getting a bowl of cereal and another cup of coffee.

I walked through the kitchen doorway and got distracted (read that as my brain rebooted) when I looked in the WRONG cupboard for the cereal which was sitting on top of the OTHER cupboard and saw the bags of dried beans sitting on the third shelf and decided to put some in the slow cooker for supper tonight. I get points for thinking ahead about supper and more points for actually being proactive and doing something in that direction. I also get points for remembering a conversation I had here about using the slow cooker to cook dried beans.

I then washed the few dishes in the sink so I could soak and pick through the beans and put them on to cook. Only then did I actually remember the real reason I went into the kitchen in the first place!

Of course, this lead to a slight rearranging of the refrigerator so I could more easily access the milk and creamer before I actually got around to being able to use them *sigh*. My boyfriend and his Tetris stacking abilities be damned! I like to get at those things I use most often without moving five other things in order to do so!

All this to say that Doorway Syndrome is now a running joke in our household. More often than not one of us will be seen ping ponging back and forth from one room to another, sometimes going through several doorways, before we remember the real reason we went into that room in the first place.

What’s your excuse for forgetting :D.


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