New Month

It’s a new month and there’s lots of new snow on the ground, with more expected :(.

February 2, 2015
February 2, 2015

The roommate is grousing because she’s on vacation and for the first time in years the college she works for has a snow day.

I called in. Not being able to get out of the parking lot may or may not have had something to do with that decision. That and not wanting to deal with the moronic drivers who would be crazy enough to drive faster than the road conditions really allow for. The plows couldn’t keep up as of 4:30 this morning and I really didn’t want to freeze my butt off waiting for the bus to come at some point between 6:00 am and whenever the hell it felt like arriving.

I know I have a niche over on SVM & TB and I want to get away from that here at This ‘n That.

I want to expand my knowledge, read books, have fun, share pictures I find on the net and pretty much do what I don’t over there BECAUSE it started out as a niche site.

I don’t want to take away from the awesome stuff I have over there and I don’t want to abandon it because I still have stories to write and promote. I still have recipes to share and book reviews to look at.

That’s why This ‘n That was started; the SVM and TB stuff has slowed way down because both series have ended and the writers are having a hard time coming up with fresh new ideas which haven’t been done to death over the years.

I love my fanfiction and I have come to respect and admire many of the writers but I seem to have gotten mired down, stuck in a rut of my own making.

There is more to life than fanfiction and the computer and I seem to have forgotten that.

Granted, for me winter is not the time for me, personally, to try new outdoorsy things because I HATE winter! If I have to shovel it, scrape it or brush it it can stay far, far, far away from me! Any of the winter activities I enjoy can be done indoors any time of year ;).

Once the warm weather hits, and it will at some point, I am going to try to get myself from in front of the computer, off my butt and do things I enjoy and try new things :D. I might even remember to take a camera along with me.



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