In an Irish Home | What Life is Really Like Behind the Hall Door

In an Irish Home | What Life is Really Like Behind the Hall Door.

via In an Irish Home | What Life is Really Like Behind the Hall Door.

Okay, I will freely admit that the title of this article, Teen Angst and A Side Of Caramel, is what pulled me in but the phrase “They need to kill us in order to grow up” is what kept me reading.

She’s got some really good advice in here for when their Drama King (since I have boys) butts seem to be getting on your last nerve.

Imagining them taking the train to Crazy Town, and we don’t have to go, is great! Of course, before I read the whole  sentence I was thinking ‘and push them in front of the oncoming train?’ which I would have gladly, and with glee, have done some days.

I’ve almost made it through their teen years, only six months left until they leave them behind forever, and I can say that it has been a trip.

I can also say that if it weren’t for family and friends who would let me vent and offer free (and often unsolicited) advice I may not be as proud of them as I am but so far they’ve turned out great.

They’re kind, thoughtful and generally well behaved. I don’t take all the credit though, nope, I share it around with their dad (blech, much as I don’t want to) and their friends’s parents.

The old adage ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ IS true despite the fact some of us were latch-key kids. One of my sons spent as much time at his friends houses as he did ours, sometimes way more, so I know he was practicing what I preached because I did talk to those parents.

I can say with pride that we did good! They are now at the legal age to drink alcohol. One of them drives. He has, many times since he got his license last year, called and said, “Mom, can I get a ride? I’ve got a six pack and am going to my friend’s place.” PRIDE! Yes! He remembers what we told them when they were 16 or so. WOOT!

I’ll end this little missive right there since it could easily turn into a large, LARGE rambling thing on how proud I am of them.



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