Do I have to conform to a foreign culture? | Pocketful of Sentiments

Do I have to conform to a foreign culture? | Pocketful of Sentiments.

I do have a gripe about foreign  culture and immigration policies/immigrants.

For all the ‘progressiveness’ of the North American culture it is far too depressed.

What other countries in the world would give a driver’s test in 40 different languages? What other countries would let immigrants live on Social Assistance while having a newer vehicle and other assets yet won’t let their own citizens do the same thing?

I think, and this IS just my opinion, that North America has done some back sliding. It’s like we’re afraid to offend someone who is on our own soil! They came here for whatever reason yet we, the mass public (read politicians) are so afraid of offending another culture or religion that we don’t even allow the Lord’s prayer in our schools and other public forums because they *gasp* are a different religion! We bend to their will.

They came here, shouldn’t they be the ones conforming to some degree?

I am dating myself but when I was in grade school if a different religion was represented and didn’t want to ‘endure’ the Lord’s prayer or other religious things they stood in the hall until the announcements were over and there were no hard feelings or ill will, they simply came into class once announcements were done and the day continued as it should have.

Aren’t Canada and the United States based on Christianity? If I’m wrong I’m sure somebody will correct me.

If the above statement is true then why the f*** are we kow towing to the new comers?

I’m not saying immigrants should do the kow towing either, but for peat’s sake they should understand that they are now in a Christian based country so should be willing to either listen and learn about this ‘new’ faith or, at the very least, not preach at us for not believing as they do.

Oh, they should also speak the, or one of the, official languages FLUENTLY enough to take any test required by the government for things like licences without having it in their language or requiring a translator in order to do so.

How in the world can we expect someone who speaks and reads Mandarin, or any other language, to be able to find Saginaw Street when they don’t understand the language in the country they are currently residing in? Not to mention warning signs, verbal warnings (tornado, road closure, etc. ) over the radio or television or any myriad of other things.

Yea, this is a soap box issue for me but, know what? This is my blog 😀 and I can express my opinions. I would love to hear your opinions as well though, really. I love interacting with my readers and I have learned a few things from some of them so please, interact!

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2 thoughts on “Do I have to conform to a foreign culture? | Pocketful of Sentiments

  1. Very interesting read. When people immigrate to other countries, they do so for their own reasons (education, jobs, security etc) and it will be an expectation to adapt to the rules set by that country or culture. Living/working in the USA will require getting a Green Card and learning english, among other stuff but that doesn’t mean that one will have to participate in Thanksgiving every year. That’s because it’s not part of their culture.
    You in-explicitly mentioned something to do with rules and regulations of a particular country, which people have to conform to. Yes, that’s absolutely necessary. It’s not like there’s absolute freedom. But if I do not want to practice anything related to the American culture, then people should not look at me funny: if as a black woman I’m expected to wear weaves and bleach my skin to be beautiful then there’s a serious problem with American society and I will definitely complain about that.
    Great Response to what I wrote though.


    1. Thank you :).
      I’m a landed immigrant myself; the difference is that I’m a white woman so most don’t see the difference. They might hear the difference if I have been talking to relatives or have a cold.
      I like to think I treat each individual person on their own merits without thought to race or religion but I know there have been times when I’ve laughed at an off colour joke or said something I shouldn’t have. I’m not proud of it but I do own that I’m not perfect.
      It’s those imperfections though that make us who we are.
      In some ways I’m glad we moved from the Southern States when we did since it meant I didn’t grow up around a lot of blatant bigotry just because someone isn’t just like me. I miss my extended family A LOT but I don’t think I would be who I am if we hadn’t moved to Canada back in 1975.
      I do sometimes wonder how different my life would have been if we had stayed but, for the most part, I’m happy with who and where I am in my life.
      Thanks for reading and responding :).

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