Globalization – Good, Bad Or Ugly ?

What say you all?

Don Charisma

Globalization or globalisation as we say in the Queen’s English. Is it the WORST thing to happen to planet or a really GOOD thing ?

The term globalization is becoming increasingly common around the world. For some it represents the future and how the world may change to become more equal, with merging cultures, ethnicities, economic systems, social justices and political ideals. For others, it is a pernicious force that poses a danger to local markets, domestic culture and unique customs. Either way, no matter what you think, it is happening.
Peter Walsh

Globalisation rewrote careers for many IT workers in US, UK and Europe almost overnight. One day they were regarded as skilled essential staff, with pay similar to other sought after professions such as accountants and lawyers, the next many laid off  OR their wages dropped massively. The cause – cheap labour from other countries including India…

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