Attention Deficit Disorder or Nature Deficit Disorder?

Thanks for the link.
I do agree that today’s society is far too sedentary, and I include myself and one of my sons in that statement too :(.
There was a time when I was only allowed to play computer games if I programmed them into the computer (old Commodore 64) which was ALMOST as fast as downloading it from cassette! lol
Do kids even know what a book is for today if it isn’t forced reading for school?
Do they know what a dictionary is for? (Text speak drives me bonkers.)
A Thesaurus?
If we got out and did more things we might just start to stabilize our environment again. I don’t think we can reverse what’s already been done but we can certainly stop making it worse. Only…not in this weather! If I need three layers of clothes just to walk to the car so I can go to work then it’s too dang cold!



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