Life and Liberty

“How in the name of God did this happen? I asked myself some time later. Six weeks ago, I had been innocently collecting wildflowers on a Scottish hill to take home to my husband. I was now shut in the room of a rural inn, awaiting a completely different husband, whom I scarcely knew, with firm orders to consummate a forced marriage, at risk of my life and liberty.” 

(Outlander, ch15)

At least Dougal’s heart was in the right place—he’d rather see her married, to his nephew (thus solving another clan issue without even really trying), rather than hand her over to the redcoats.

I wonder though if he would have continued trying to find ways to keep her from them just to thwart Randall.

Regardless, I’m still on the fence about Dougal, I can’t decide if he’s really all he’s putting out there or if it’s just an act.



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