Love Thyself


“If you are female, expressing hatred for your own body is not just acceptable, it’s practically de rigeur. Failure to indulge in the requisite amount of self-flagellation – my thighs! my skin! my face! – isn’t just negligent, it’s unfeminine. Self-hatred is fundamental to…

Unfortunately I don’t have the cure for you.

All I can truly say is that it’s taken  me 48 years to get the body I have and I love every inch of it!

I’ve had the girlfriends to ‘trade insults’ with over the years but never have really had one I bonded with.

Not bonding with anyone could be because I can’t wear make-up or heels or it could be something else but I’m okay with that.

You know why?  Because I’m me and if there’s anybody out there who doesn’t like that fact they can go find somebody else to pick on because I will stick up for myself, I will tell them I am proud of who I am.

If they call me a bitch for not accepting their view point I just smile and say thank you because to me bitch is a compliment.  I have reclaimed the word for myself, it embraces who I am.




Control of


No, I’m not fashion model thin, no I’m not beautiful in the traditional sense but I am me.  My body is perfect FOR ME and there are those who tell me I am beautiful because to them I am.

Isn’t there a saying:  Those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care.  Or something like that?  I take it to mean those who care that I’m not a round peg in a round hole don’t matter and those who matter to me don’t care that I’m a hexagonal peg who just floats along through her day, loving herself and loving others.




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