“Scared is a superpower.”


After a dozen regenerations he still remembers that one time he once talked to someone in a dream and is able to relay the exact content to sooth someone who is frightenend, because that what someone did for him. He is absolutely convinced that he isn’t alone even when he’s in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing but darkness around him and empty space, because that is what Clara told him.

The doctor and Clara have an AMAZING relationship, no matter what anyone says.

The doctor and Clara have an AMAZING relationship, no matter what anyone says.

I agree with you.  All the doctors and companions have amazing relationships but this one is different in a fundamental way, which is relatively new for the new incarnation of Dr. Who.

Clara isn’t a love interest, she isn’t the comedic relief, she’s the companion.  It’s plain, it’s simple, and I think that’s what we’ve needed.

Of all the companions in the recent carnation of the show only Donna, her dad and Rory haven’t had some form of crush, sexual tension or longing to either bang the doctor or be the one to finally snag him.  I AM including Cpt. Jack Harkness in this generalization, too.

Martha loved him, even told him so, but he never saw her as a love interest.

Donna didn’t.

Rose, their love story is epic and the best love story I think I’ve ever seen.

Amy, loved him but loved Rory too and finally made the decision to stay with Rory since it would never happen with the Dr.

Captain Harkness…would have banged him in a heartbeat.

Rory didn’t roll that way, nor did Donna’s dad and the Dr. didn’t see them that way.  He saw them as companions and friends.

Then there’s River Song.  Uggggg, one of the two companions I can’t stand and she’s his wife!  YUCK!



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