Give Women’s Pants POCKETS!!!





why do women’s clothing designers believe that girls do not need pockets

It’s so they can sell us bags


This madness must end…someone please develop awesome girl pants with plenty of pockets. According to my dash, they will do quite well.

My own personal experience and dash say the same thing.

And make them STURDY!  I don’t know how many times my right hand front pocket has worn out because that’s where everything goes!  And bigger to accommodate the larger smart phones.  With zippers/velcro/button flaps to help discourage pick pockets.

They’re also nice for cons, etc. since I don’t like carrying a purse around then—gives me one less hand to examine things with.

In my line of work my pockets are my means of existence since aprons are rather in the way so my shorts/pants pockets are it!  Everything from a carpet knife to blade ring to trash and a whole lot more goes into them so having the smaller things (allen key anybody?) fall through the holes which develop because the insides of the pockets are not strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.



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