My DocPinion


Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you /relate/ to her more, but I can tell you why I like her??

I like that she’s brave and loyal and selfless and really clever and compassionate. I like her sense of adventure. I like that she works and gets along well with children. I like that she was a (semi-) recent university graduate at the beginning of series 7b, trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. I like that she is a “bossy control freak” and that she wants to maintain order, and that she has her ~real life with occasional/weekly adventures with the Doctor mixed in..

I know some people found it hard to relate to Clara during series 7, but I think with series 8 we’re gonna learn so much more about her and that she’ll have time to develop and grow and flesh out more.

But anyways, Donna and Rory are great companion choices, I completely agree with you on them for sure. ;D

Up until Breathe Clara wasn’t among my favorites either.  I thought she was boring, a fence sitter, and I couldn’t figure out WHAT she was there for, really.

Then they put her with Peter Capaldi and BOOM I found her, lol.

I found out she’s funny in different way from the other companions.  Maybe she’s got a drier sense of humour than Rose (my favorite as far as character interacting with their Doctor’s goes).

Her funny lines don’t come out as her trying to be funny, they are part of a more serious conversation and come across more as a dry sense of humour than a bunch of Korn and hahaha moments.

I don’t think Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith particularly clicked behind the scenes and it carried over in front of the cameras:  The connection just wasn’t there in my mind.

Then they brought on Capaldi, and gave Jenny and Vastra and Strax slightly more prominent roles and the whole connection just exploded in my mind.

Jenny wasn’t MEANT to be as funny, or fun, as the others were.  She was meant to be a bit of lightness against Capaldi’s bit of darkness.  Strax is the comedic relief this year while Jenny and Vastra are the sexual tension.

I guess, in a round about way, I’m saying that in past seasons the companion(s) were everything:  The sexual tension and the comedy and the Companion(s).

They’ve given Clara one defining role and that is to BE the companion, to help the Doctor figure things out and fix those things.

I think I’m going to like Clara just fine.  She’s currently behind Rose and Amy (like the Dr. I like ginger :D) but I can see her moving into second if the season continues on as it has through the first two episodes.



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