FanExpo Toronto 2014

We went, we saw, we had a blast!

A couple of short stories before I start uploading photos.

We were on the GO train from Port Credit, approaching Exhibition stop (It is also the final weekend for the CNE) when I was actually HIT on!  A rarity, to be sure.  The guy told me he had an extra ticket if I wanted to go.  I told him where I was going and why, Matt Smith and Arthur I can never remember his last name (Mr. Amy Pond) were going to be there.  He looked so totally lost!  lol

There was a little boy who was maybe 7 at the expo dressed like Matt Smith’s Dr. Who and was adorable.  I complimented him on his costume and he actually smiled a little bit and then preened.  So adorable.

Merchandise prices were fairly reasonable but drink prices????? OMG! Drink prices were ridiculous!  People complain about $1.30 +/- for a liter of gas.  Try paying $10 for a liter of coca cola!  $3 a freaking can!  ($3.11 with taxes) $3 for a bottle of gross Dasani water too!



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